Distribution Panels

They are intended for low-voltage power distribution and are used in the industry, public and residential buildings, etc. Depending on their placement, they can be wall - mounted (fitted onto the wall or in-built) or in the form of free standing cabinets allowing access to one or both sides of the cabinet. They are available in the following IP protection categories: IP30(31), IP40(41), IP55, and IP65.

Depending on each individual project, prefabricated boxes or cabinets (metal, plastic, polyester) are used which are further assembled, equipped and wired with commutation and protection devices supplied by ABB, SIEMENS SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, etc. They are available with a mounting plate but also with protective front covers allowing easy access to the fuses/circuit breaker switches./p>

Types of distribution panels

  • We produce Power distribution switchboards for industrial needs and for main distribution boards in the public buildings. Completion of various designs is possible. These can also be supplied with fixed circuit breakers, plug in circuit breakers or removable circuit breakers.
  • AC/DC electrical panels customized and configured to meet the individual requirements of power stations and substations;
  • Modular distribution panels mainly for offices and residential buildings, or as sub-distribution panels in the industry.



Panels with Socket Outlets

Portable and fixed power distribution panels with socket outlets, equipped with individual or group residual-current protection.

These can be completed using plastic boxes or metal cabinets and made suitable for wall mounting or stand mounting.



Building Power Distribution Systems


  • Electro-metering panel boxes for reading the energy usage;
  • Main and power distribution switchboards for the needs of residential, public, administrative buildings and industrial sites;
  • Final distribution boards for residential and public buildings.



Relay Protection Panels

These are metal cabinets accessed from both sides, with a front transparent door and rotating rack for fitting in the relay equipment, whereas the back door is non-transparent.

Prefabricated components are used for their assembly. The panels are fitted with digital relay protection, controllers, relays and terminals in accordance with the requirements of each project. They are available in the following IP categories: IP30, IP31, IP41.



Power factor regulators

Reactive Power Compensation Panels

By using a system of capacitators, the reactive power can be compensated thus achieving extra loading of the transport and commutation equipment. Power factor regulators are a smart solution for reducing the energy costs.

Main features:

  • Metal cabinet;
  • Capacity up to 1000 kVAr;
  • Adjustable step: cosφ regulator.



Automated Control Panels

Intended for building and industrial automation systems.

They can be designed as free standing or wall-mounted. Mainly controllers and the relevant equipment such as control panels, input-output modules, control devices and signalization are fitted inside.



Electro-Metering Panel Boxes

Manufacture of electro-metering panel boxes in accordance with the requirements of the electricity standards in the host country.



Control Cabinets

They are mounted in the switchyards of the electrical Substations and gather the signals of the electrical equipment branch circuits at the relevant yard.

They are produced from powder coated metal sheets or stainless-steel sheets, and when required-also from plastic. They are fitted with ventilation grids or anticondensation heaters. They are available in the following IP categories: IP54 or IP55.

Depending on the specific requirements of each project or designated usage, they can be designed with a non-transparent door or a transparent door with a mnemonic diagram above it. The terminals and electrical components installed within the cabinet are supplied by leading manufacturers.



Control Panels

These are used for monitoring and control of the Substation equipment from the Control Room. On the front of the panels are fitted the relevant control panel components, control and measuring devices and a mnemo-diagram with a colour corresponding to the nominal voltage of the relevant switchgear.

Terminal strips and components are mounted in the control panels.


Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Control Panels for Low Voltage

Automatic transfer switch (ATS) control panels for low voltage with controllers of 0,4 kV to 1600 A. They are intended for automatic switch-over of power supplies in case of failure of the main power supply. Depending on the specific requirements and the project, the ATS control panels can be completed with a contactor circuit, electrically operated circuit breakers, 3-position electrically operated disconnect switches (load-break switches). Design with a relay contactor control, PLC or specialized ATS Controller is also possible. Given the wide variety, ATS control panels are manufactured to meet the individual Customer’s requirements.