Rehabilitation of 400/110/31.5/20 kV Substation Burgas

ETRA-EL EOOD; Client: National Electric Company EAD


Assigned: 2010 / Completed: 2011

Project description

The Project for Rehabilitation of 400/110/31.5/20 kV Substation Burgas includes substitution of equipment in an existing 400 kV switchyard, enlargement of 400 kV switchyard, substitution of 110 kV, 31,5 kV and 20 kV circuit breakers, implementation of dismantling, electrical installation and construction activities.


Electrical works – Primary Commutation:

  • Reconstruction of 400 kV switchyard by substitution of gas-insulated circuit breakers, disconnectors, current measuring transformers, capacitor voltage transformers, surge arresters; installation of busbar system and connection of the 400 kV equipment thereto;
  • Reconstruction of 110 kV switchyard: substitution of gas-insulated circuit breakers;
  • Substitution of vacuum circuit breakers in 31.5 kV indoor switchgear and 20 kV indoor switchgear; substitution of AC and DC auxiliary panels;
  • Laying and connection of control cables.

Electrical installation works – Secondary Commutation:

  • Substitution of control panels, relay panels, control cabinets on the bay in 400 kV switchyard; substitution of 31,5 kV condenser-type batteries;
  • Signaling system in 400 kV switchyard, 31.5 kV indoor switchgear and 20 kV indoor switchgear;
  • Installation of electro-measuring systems for operational needs and telemetering;
  • Substitution of all control cables;
  • Commissioning of the installed equipment

Construction works:

  • Rehabilitation of cable ditches and roads;
  • Construction of foundations, portals and metal structures for installation of electrical equipment; construction of a new drainage, new cable ditches and concrete roads, new fence;
  • Construction of earthing installation and lightning-protection installation.