Reconstruction and enlargement of 110/20 kV Substation Kavarna

Efacec Engenharia E Sistemas, Portugal


Assigned: 2012 / Completed: 2013

Project description

Project concerns reconstruction and enlargement of 110 kV Switchyard and 20 kV Indoor Switchgear in Substation Kavarna, situated near Kavarna, Dobrich District.


Enlargement of 110 kV Switchyard:

  • Construction of concrete foundations for power transformers, erection of portals and tables for electrical equipment;
  • Construction of cable trays and foundations for control panels;
  • Construction of steel structures – portals and tables for installation of electrical equipment;
  • Installation of 110/20kV power transformer;
  • Substitution of electrical equipment: circuit breakers, disconnectors, current transformers, voltage transformers, surge arresters, control panels, storage battery, rectifier;
  • Installation and connection of busbar system;
  • Laying and connection of power and control cables;
  • Installation of RTU system;
  • Erection of grounding installation and lightning-protection installation
  • Еrection of lighting installation and video-surveillance installation;
  • Construction of local roads and aisles;
  • Construction of fence;
  • Vertical planning.

Installation of new AC/DC panels

Installation of new relay/control panels

Enlargement of 20 kV Indoor Switchgear building:

  • Construction works;
  • Construction of grounding installation and lightning-protection installation;
  • Vertical planning;
  • Installation of distribution switchgears

Control tests and commissioning of all the installed equipment



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