Construction of 110 kV Substation Mayak

Efacec Engenharia e Sistemas S.A.

Hadzhi Dimitar Village

Assigned: 2012 / Completed: 2013

Project description

The project envisages construction of a new Substation on the territory of Hadzhi Dimitar Village, Kavarna Municipality, Dobrich District. The 110 kV Substation Mayak is a nodal one, with no step-down transformers. It is intended to provide stable power supply and to increase the load on the northern Black Sea electricity distribution network, during the summer season. The substation is built entirely by EL KONTROL.


Work starts in October 2012 and includes the following activities:

  • Erection of Control building;
  • Construction of concrete foundations for portals and steel support structures;
  • Construction of cable trays and foundations for control panels;
  • Construction of steel structures – portals and steel support structures of electrical equipment;
  • Installation of electrical equipment: circuit breakers, disconnectors, current transformers, voltage transformers, surge arresters, relay protection panels, control panels, auxiliary AC/DC panels, DC battery, and diesel aggregate;
  • Installation and connection of tubular busbar system;
  • Laying and connection of power and control cables;
  • Installation of RTU system;
  • Construction of grounding installation and lightning-protection system;
  • Delivery and installation of concrete complete transformer station (CCTS) and partial cabling of 20 kV OHL passing through the 110 kV Switchyard;
  • Construction of road access towards the Substation;
  • Construction of local roads in the Switchyard;
  • Erection of a fence;
  • Construction of lighting installation and video-surveillance installation;
  • Vertical planning and gravelling;
  • Control tests and commissioning of the installed equipment.



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