Construction of new 110/20 kV Substation Kableshkovo


Electricity System Operator EAD

Contractor: DZZD P/ST VN – Partnership under the Obligations and Contracts Act

Kableshkovo, Pomorie Municipality, Region of Burgas

Assigned: October, 2020/ Completed:  november, 2021 г.

110/20 kV electrical substation Kableshkovo is owned by ESO EAD and is being built in the town of Kableshkovo, Burgas Region. The substation is designed to supply consumers of Elektrorazpredelenie-Yug EAD (Power Distribution Еnterprise – South Region) at medium voltage, and its construction is set in the Investment Program of ESO EAD for 2020.

Contract is concluded with the Partnership DZZD P/ST VN, in which EL KONTROL is a partner company.

Execution of the contract is shared between the companies EMU AD and EL KONTROL EOOD, as following:
EMU implements construction part - roads, new building and fence;
EL KONTROL implements electrical part - Primary and Secondary commutation, lighting installation, commissioning woks.

Activities within the scope awarded to EL KONTROL:

EL KONTROL executes installation and busbar connection of the equipment in 110 kV Switchyard; installation and busbar connection of 20 kV Switchgear; laying and connection of control cables, power cables, and MV cables.

Delivery of 110 kV support insulators produced by CERISOL, is also within the scope of EL KONTROL.

Project includes further construction of single sectionalized tubular busbar system; assembly and installation of control-relay panels, control cabinets, power supply panels, metering cabinets, telecommunication cabinets.

Activities also include construction of lighting installation in the building and in the 110 kV Switchyard.

All necessary control tests and commissioning of the connections in the 110 kV Switchyard shall be performed stepwise, in the process of project implementation.