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EL KONTROL, its contractors and any related third parties mentioned on this website do not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any damages (including and without limitation damages for loss of profits, loss of data or closing of business ) arising during the use, due to the inability to use, or as a result of using this website; due to the use of other websites linked to this website, or due to materials or information placed on any or all such websites, regardless of whether the damages are based on a warranty, contract, offence allowing claim raising, or any other legal theory, and regardless of whether there was a warning against possible similar damages. If the use of materials or information on your side result in the need of service or repair of your equipment, software or data, then you shall bear the full costs for doing so. It is possible that the current legislation does not allow the refusal or limitation of liability in the case of incidental or consequential damages. In such a case, the above limitation or refusal may not apply to you.


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EL KONTROL shall have the right to revise and update these Privacy Terms and Conditions at any time. In order to view the current version of these Terms and Conditions, you are required to regularly visit this webpage. It is possible that some interpretations of these provisions are replaced with other legal definitions or statements made clearly visible by placing them on certain pages of this website.


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