Construction Works


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EL KONTROL construction unit has been existing since 2010. Our construction team includes engineers, technicians and qualified workers, i.e. formworkers, steel fixers, masons and plasters, welders, tile layers and painters. We have a substantial fleet of plant and machinery: excavators, mobile cranes, basket crane trucks, front loaders, dump trucks, heavy trucks, etc.

EL KONTROL completes construction projects on its own from zero-level elevation to the site’s takeover with a Permit to Use. Our construction projects are in the energy sector, i.e. electrical power lines, cable routes, electrical substations.

The scope of our construction works:

  • Construction of reinforced concrete monolithic structures;
  • Manufacture and installation of metal structures;
  • Construction of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Construction of electrical installations;
  • Glazing fitting;
  • Plasters, screed coats, surface covers and finishing works;
  • Construction of concrete roads and passages, asphalt laying.