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The sale of industrial and electrical equipment allows EL KONTROL to provide a comprehensive customer service in the field of electrical engineering.

Our company Store and Showroom maintain a substantial product list of electrical materials and equipment of leading brands such as ABB, SIEMENS, WAGO, IDE, ORTAC, RITTAL, etc.

Individual quotations are available on request.

Here you can find the price of each article from the relevant product group. These are unit prices and are based on our standard Price List, VAT excluding. Technical errors are not excluded and we apologize for any possible inconvenience.

Not all of the articles we sell, have been included in the list here. If you are unable to find the item you are looking for, please make an inquiry in accordance with your specifications.

EL KONTROL is also in a position to give you special discounts from the company standard Price List based on quantity and long-term relationships.