Implemented projects

At the end of 2018 EL KONTROL completed two of the projects running over in the past year.


Construction of 110/20 kV Provisional Substation Ihtiman

110/20 kV S/st Ihtiman is designed to provide power supply of Ihtiman Municipality, until a new stationary Substation is constructed. EL KONTROL took part in this Project, by constructing electrical house, delivery and installation of electrical equipment: switchboards, rechargeable battery, rectifier, Auxiliary Transformer and Switchgear. The 110/20 kV Movable Substation Ihtiman was commissioned in November 2018. 

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Construction of new 110 kV Cable Line Kiparis, from S/st Zagorka to S/st Trayana

Project implementation took place in a densely populated area of ​​Stara Zagora. A new 110 kV cable line Kiparis was constructed, starting from S/st Zagorka, passing through the central city area and ending at indoor S/st Trayana. The high-voltage three-phase cable weighs 10 kg per linear meter, and the route on which it was installed includes cable trenches, cable ducts and steel pipes underneath the road. Purpose of the project is to build connectivity between the two Substations via 110 kV cable line Kiparis, to ensure reliable power supply of Stara Zagora distinct areas.

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